Friday, October 2, 2009

What does business pro have in common with poker pro?

Lately, I have been hearing a lot of comparisons between business and poker (must be the World Series of Poker this month that is generating this entire discussion). What makes a person a good business person or a pro in poker? It is a similar process, both industries have the same farm system that mould people into professionals but at the same time, any one can join the game – for business, if you have the chutzpah and in poker, if you have the buy-in.

In poker, the thing that separates the pros and the amateurs is the ability to read cues and the ability to focus. Business likewise is all about the attention to the details and the ability to focus on a mission. “Keeping your eyes on the prize” is perhaps a common phrase that poker players and business professionals can relate to the most.

Although, to be top-notched in any professions, laser-focus attention, consistency and ability to scrutinize minute little details are all basic skills one need to have.

For the love of the game…play on and good luck.

Quote of the day:

“…effective people are not problem minded; they’re opportunity-minded.”

Stephen Covey

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