Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strange Findings: Breakup Notifier

During my late night reading, I came across the Breakup Notifier – a Facebook app that allows you to follow the friends you’re interested in who are in a relationship and an email will be sent to your email to notify you whenever there is a relationship update.

I’m guessing the big sell here is if you interesting someone, you can follow their relationship updates in hope when they update their status to single you will conveniently lend a listening ear.  Kind of creepy but I’m surprise it took that long for this to come out because wasn’t it the relationship status update and profile picture that really help take Facebook to another level?  Although I do wonder how long it will take for Facebook to shut them down because I am certain this surely violates the terms of use that Facebook has set out.

Untitled 1 Strange Findings: Breakup Notifier

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