Friday, September 10, 2010

Colleague-craving freelancer gives coworking a try

vancouver office space 7 main 150x150 Colleague craving freelancer gives coworking a try We often get freelancers who come into the office thanking us for opening a coworking space.   Freelancers who operates out of the house or coffee shop, especially those who have been working from home for a long time crave the casual conversation with “coworker” or they are hoping for separation between work and home.  Coworking spaces are set up for  freelancers who enjoy the casual chatter or the ability to bounce ideas off of each other but still be able to go back to their desk and focus on their own work.

Follow Elizabeth Millard who is a freelance writer from who explores coworking through the lenses of a freelance writer.

As a typical freelancer, I sometimes crave the coziness of other people’s presence while working, and head out to a Dunn Bros. orMay Day Cafe, but anyplace I go tends to be the same: people working near each other, but definitely not together. If I was attempting to hammer out some prose at a coffee shop and a fellow cafe denizen turned to ask what I was working on, I’d likely respond by moving to another table.

“People have basic social needs,” notes Becerra. “Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t fill those needs, too. That’s the idea behind this, and we think it’s an amazing model. We believe it can really evolve in even more exciting directions.”

“People can bounce ideas off each other about their work, but they can also just have a conversation. I think people who work in traditional offices take that for granted, the little moments of connection during the day. But it’s something that many of the self-employed don’t get on a consistent basis.”

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