Friday, September 10, 2010

Coworking: Lower office space cost with more benefits

vancouver office space pix joomla docCamp Coworking: Lower office space cost with more benefits
When you are operating a business, you want to minimize your expenses as much as possible and  commercial lease is a huge expense for most people.   Freelancers, part-time workers, self-employed,  startups entrepreneurs and even  small businesses find themselves saving thousands of dollars.  With shared resources such as internet, printer, fax, meeting room and included amenities such as utility, cleaning expenses and access to networking events usually organized in the space -  coworking has huge benefits at significantly lower pricing.

Welcome to the world of coworking, where freelancers, part-time workers, the self-employed and start-up principals trade in their temporary work spaces at coffee shops and living rooms for a shared office.

“I’m a very collaborative person and I noticed that when people are doing freelance work or have their own business, it can get very lonely,” Rokusek (right) said. “It’s nice to have a space where folks can work on their own projects but also have a sense of collegiality.”

“The coworking movement is about collaborating with people,” he said. “It’s a great place for impromptu brainstorming sessions. If you need creative minds for projects, it’s the kind of place to find people who are willing to help. It’s also a place with the kind of energy you can’t get at a coffee house.”

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